Children playing at the pool

The Lancaster County Swimming Pool will be open weekends only starting Saturday, July 11 through Sunday, September 6.

Daily Pool attendance will be limited.  Once that limit has been reached, the admission gate will close for the day.

Click here for Pool Rules.

Pool Hours 

Noon - 7 PM
Sunday 1 - 7 PM

Child in a fountain
Daily Admission Fees

Ages 3 and up:  $8.00 per person
Under 3:  Free*

*All children under 3 must wear a swim diaper and plastic pants. 

Frequently Asked Questions

(updated 7/6/20)

  1. Can I re-enter the pool?  No.  Once you've entered the pool for the day, you may not leave until you're ready to go home for the day.  A smoking area will be designated in a remote area of the pool complex.
  2. Is the tube slide open? The tube slide will remain closed for the season for patron and staff safety.
  3. Are food and drinks available?  Beverage vending machines will be available, however, the drinking fountains will be closed.  There will be no snack and ice cream vending machines.  Patrons can still bring food and drinks into the Pool.  As always, glass containers and alcohol are prohibited. 
  4. What other activities are available?  Playgrounds are open, please use at your own risk.  Basketball Courts are open, but you must bring your own basketball.
  5. What additional measures are being taken for COVID-19 safety?  Please click here to learn what we are doing to address safety during the coronavirus pandemic and how you can help.

         For additional questions about the Pool, please contact (717) 299-8215.