Safety Services

  1. Countywide Communications (911)

    Lancaster CountyWide Communications is the centralized answering point for all 9-1-1 calls originating in Lancaster County, PA. The center dispatches over 130 public safety agencies from one location.

  2. Crime Prevention, Education & Patrol Initiatives

    Access information on crime prevention, education, and patrol initiatives in Lancaster County.

  3. Crisis Intervention Team

    Learn about the new initiative between law enforcement, the court system, and the community.

  4. Emergency Management

    Keep up to date on current emergency management practices.

  5. Sheriff’s Office

    Learn about the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office.

  6. C. A. S. E.

    A task force that whose mission is to engage our community in protecting our children against sexual exploitation and abuse an dto empower all people to speak out against their offenders

  7. Public Safety Training Center

  8. Crime Prevention Task Force

    Welcome to our clearing house of information about preventing crime within Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.The focus of this website is to assist the Lancaster County community to become more knowledgeable of Crime Prevention services that are in our area. Just click on the buttons below to find helpful local programs, services and resources designed to meet your needs. We provide only the basic information about an available service and encourage you to contact the provider of those services for more details.

  9. Lancaster County Chiefs of Police Association

    Police Chiefs Association, Police Employment