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  1. Adult Parole & Probation

    Get the latest on parole and probation in Lancaster County.

  2. Clerk of Courts

  3. Coroner

    Get the latest on the coroner.

  4. Court Administration

  5. Court of Common Pleas

    Browse information about the Court of Common Pleas.

  6. Court Reporters

    See how you can request transcripts or other court reporter services.

  7. District Attorney

    Browse details on the district attorney of Lancaster County.

  8. Domestic Relations

  9. Juvenile Probation

  10. Law Library

  11. Magisterial District Courts

  12. Prison

    View all the latest details on the Lancaster County Prison.

  13. Prothonotary

    Browse information on the Prothonotary.

  14. Public Defender

    Find all the latest information on the Public Defender.

  15. Register of Wills

    Take a look at services offered by the Register of Wills.

  16. Sheriff’s Office

    Learn about the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office.

  17. Youth Intervention Center

    See how the Youth Intervention Center helps prevent crimes.