Public Safety

  1. Countywide Communications (911)

    Learn about how the county responds to emergency calls.

  2. Emergency Management

    Keep up to date on current emergency management practices.

  3. Public Safety Training Center

    The Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center (LCPSTC) opened in 2004 to primarily serve the fire, law enforcement, and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) first responders. Since our opening, we have expanded to not only the first response community of our County, but many responders from throughout the Commonwealth and several other states. We also provide industrial, emergency management, NIMS, CPR, and community based safety and health programs. Our mission is: To build safer communities through collaborative and participatory awareness, training, and education. We accomplish this by developing, coordinating, and delivery of a wide variety of programs to the diverse disciplines and audiences mentioned above. The Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center is also a Certification Site for the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy.